Remember that interview from March last year but can’t quite remember the details? Well read all about them in this brand new page!

Jasper Fforde

First things first, lets talk Jasper Fforde! An amazing first interview at Aye Write for us wee Scottish book clubbers and it definitely was an excellent first look how things really work for big radio presenters. The author, currently living in Wales has given us amazing novels such as the “Thursday Next” series and most recent “The Shades of Grey”.


Mr McGurk

Our fabulous Advanced Higher English teacher, Mr McGurk also came on the show to share his love of poetry!

Rachael Sarah Murray

Then of course there is regular guest host Rachael Murray, she’s seventeen and a lover of books like us and is therefore always happy to stand in for us whenever we need her! She is completely enamoured with Oscar Wilde and as a fellow Harry Potter fan she is always welcome on the show! She is also hoping for a future at Oxford, but don’t hold it against her!!!

Jenny Colgan

The author of “The Good, The Bad and The Dumped” was interviewed by our very own Rebecca Hanssen at the Wigton Book Festival. She’s the mother of three and spends most of her time in France! The Scottish author has written over ten amazing books!

Heather Suttie

How could we also forget Radio Presenter Heather Suttie! She came on the show not only to discuss her favourite books but also to give us tips from a professiona l! The Galaxy presenter who once met Mr Blobby gave us a real insight into the life of a radio presenter and we would happily welcome her back anytime!